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Tidycal Reviews Appsumo Lifetime Deal 2024

TidyCal Reviews is a scheduling app that helps you schedule all kinds of meetings and bookings with your business, entrepreneurs or marketing agencies. It was launched in 2021 and it is Appsumo original product.

No need to download any external apps on desktop or mobile.

You can use it for free booking options and easily integrate with PayPal and Stripe with Calendar, Zoom or Google Meet.

Get Tidycal Reviews Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

Best For

  • Marketing agencies
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers

Alternative To

  • Calendly
  • Doodle

Tidycal Reviews  Pros

1. It is totally reliable and really easy to use. For its price, amazing value.

2. No prior experience or programming skills are required to make the schedule page look good and functional.

3. It is easy to use and clients can easily understand it quickly.

4. This calendar makes it easy to set up services, duplicate them.

5. Also helps in booking appointments. Integrates with Zoom and Google Calendar.

Tidycal Reviews  Cons

Selecting the time and date while setting up the calendar is a bit tricky but you will eventually get used to it.

It lacks some features that other calendars offer.

For example, administration of other team members if someone calls in sick or wants to administer to other team members.

Tidycal Reviews Key Features 

Tidycal has many features that help make your meetings easier. So let’s know the features-

1.Helps improve your meetings, even by polling dates to determine the best time for meetings.

2. Leave the hassle of emails behind TidyCal Smart Scheduling helps find the best time for meetings and appointments taking into account everyone’s availability.

3. If you’re planning a team meeting or a group event, TidyCal can easily find a time that works for everyone, eliminating the headache of coordinating multiple schedules.

4. Track your schedule like a pro. Get valuable data on your booking trends, busiest times and more, so you can optimize your time like never before.

5. Never miss an appointment again using TidyCal. TidyCal sends automatic reminders to both you and your clients, reducing no-shows and keeping everyone on track.

6.With TidyCal you can easily create your personalized booking page and even schedule appointments without the need for an email chain. Get to customize your page with branding and preferences for a professional touch.

7.TidyCal integrates seamlessly with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar, ensuring your schedule stays in sync across all your devices.

These great features make tidycal your go-to solution for managing your schedule and maximizing productivity.

Tidycal Reviews Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Appsumo $29

  • Lifetime access to TidyCal
  • All future Lifetime Plan updates
  • An AppSumo Original
  • 10 calendar connections
  • Free & paid meetings
  • Reduced branding
  • Group bookings
  • Pro integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, API
  • Custom redirect URL

tidycal is basically a schedule tool designed to make it easy to manage your calendar.

Adjusts to global time and zone.

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